come walk with us…

This is the way my daughter went to school today! Can you imagine??? I love this fun-loving side of Jensina!!! She is getting into makeup now and loves to experiment with it.  If I were her age, I’d really like to be her friend!!!! Instead, I’m blessed to be her mom!!! Thank you, Heavenly Father!!!

Comments on: "My fun daughter!!" (4)

  1. Joanna Smith said:

    How old is she now? She is beautiful!

  2. Whoa, and look how long her hair is!

  3. Carmina said:

    Go, Jensina. You look beautiful. You remind me of me, only in my 20s.

  4. Marlene B said:

    I can’t believe how fast your girls have grown into beautiful young ladies, how I miss those days!

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