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Beautiful birch trees

Each day on my way home from taking Jensina & Jiana to school, I catch a glimpse of this beautiful birch tree and it takes my breath away for a minute. It’s shape and color is just beautiful!!! Then, I noticed that it is actually 2 or 3 trees growing together. How beautiful. A little bit down the road, I noticed another beautiful birch tree. But this one was not quite as beautiful. It had beautiful color and was also  2 or 3 trees growing together. However, one tree doesn’t want to grow together with the other. You can see a tree sticking out on the right side that doesn’t want to grow with the other trees. It’s a unique tree, but it doesn’t have the breathtaking beauty of the other one.  It wants to grow its own way. So while it is beautiful, it’s not as beautiful as it could be. Then I got to thinking about my relationship with God. When I’m working with him, growing with him; that is when I am most beautiful! When I go off on my own, usually with some kind of  bad attitude or selfish thinking, I am not as beautiful as I could be. So how beautiful do we want to be? (Gwen)