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Easter vacation has begun!!!

This has been an unusual week! They have started putting up wallpaper in our apartment and have now finished the kitchen, living room, and hall. Next week will be the bedrooms and then we’ll have a beautiful place to live!!! So tiring, but so excited!! So we couldn’t eat in our kitchen this week. Thank goodness for McDonald’s McMuffins!!! We ate breakfast at the most northern McDonald’s in Sweden every day!!

The northernmost McDonalds in Sweden!

The northernmost McDonald’s in Sweden!

Recycling, even at McDonalds! Before the 1st slot, they have a place to dump garbage. Then each slot is for a different type of trash and the last one is for the tray. We honestly haven't figured them all out!! Still trying to learn to be good Swedes!! LOL

Recycling, even at McDonald’s! We honestly haven’t figured all the slots out!! Still trying to learn to be good Swedes!! LOL









Easter vacation started with a half day yesterday and goes till April 12 – a nice long time!!! So today, we’re trying a new mountain, Storklinten. This winter-spring weather has the snow very mushy while the mountain is like ice.

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Nice view out our living room to the balcony and then the grill place (brown structure)

Transition is the name of the game right now. After 8 months of being transients, we moved into our apartment on Feb. 28!! Woohoo!!!! It’s great to have so much help from friends!!! We’re not quite settled yet. The apartment needed a lot of fixing and we’re now in the final phase of wallpapering. Fortunately, the landlords arrange all of this. So hopefully, we’ll be all settled in by the end of April. It’s about 1/2 hour drive to take the kids to school, so we’re getting used to that also.

Our church is also going through a significant change of location right now. Please keep Kroskyrkan in prayer – change is never easy  for a church! And for us as it impacts our ministry as well.

The Swedes have a 5th season they call spring-winter!! It’s now, while we still have quite a bit of snow and ice, but the days are getting quite long, sunny, and warm!! And so, we are all about transition, leaving the cold, dark, insecurities behind and looking forward to a season of warmth, sunshine, and growth!! It reminds me (Gwen) of my life verse, Philippians 3:13 & 14 – “Brothers and sisters, I don’t consider that I have taken hold of it yet. But here is the one thing I do. I forget what is behind me. I push hard toward what is ahead of me. I push myself forward toward the goal to win the prize. God has appointed me to win it. The heavenly prize is Christ Jesus himself.”

Great News!!! And prayer needed!!!

We are happily1 smiley-156609_640 jumping up and down!!!! Yes!!! We have received our permanent residence visas!!!        Yes!!!! What does that mean? No more applying for visas to live in Sweden!!!  YEAH!!!!! Thanks for  your fervent prayers!!! Thank you, Jesus, for your good answer!!!!!

Although we’ve received our visas, we are still not finding any apartments suitable for us that we can  rent. The housing crisis here in Luleå is worse than we anticipated. The lines are extremely long for the community’s apartments. We aren’t making much headway there. We were told by a private housing company that there is a 5 – 6 year waiting line for their apartments. Because of the housing shortage, people renting privately are getting nearly 100 requests for their apartments and houses. The apartments we possibly could get in to are almost double the amount that we can afford to pay. So this is what we are up against.

The simple fact is that we need to see Jesus move on our behalf to get an apartment. This will take a miracle!! We know that our heavenly Father is fully able to perform this miracle for us. But we need your help in prayer!! We feel discouraged about this and we need our praying friends to stand with us! Pray for God to open the door to the apartment that suits our family’s needs and pray for us to have the tenacity to continue being fervent in our looking, even when it seems so useless. Remember, “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much!” (James 5:16)  Luke 18:1-8 reminds to keep persistently praying until we see God’s answer. Please don’t forget us!

We are not without hope, just discouraged about the housing. Thanks for listening to our heart. And thanks in advance for your prayers and for those who are helping us look. And double thanks for our friends here in Sweden who are housing us. THANK YOU!!!!



Tony’s results

We went to the doctor to find out the test results for Tony. The doctor came in saying, “I got nothing, zero, nada.” So the biopsies came up with no temporal arteritis. Now, the problem is that doesn’t mean it isn’t someplace else. It could be. The doctor did find that his sinuses are pretty well blocked though. But this is as far as this doctor can go.  So he is referring Tony to a rheumatoid arteritis doctor because of the headaches and some blood work that wasn’t good. So we will see.

Pray for Tony, please

2010-09-04 Storforsen (2)Tony’s been having headaches for the past month and the doctors aren’t sure why. Today, he’s getting a biopsy done on an artery in his head at the hospital to check for temporal arteritis. Please pray for God’s healing and for the source to be found so it can be treated. It’s hard to do anything with pounding headaches coming and going randomly. Thanks!!

Thankful for God’s protection!

Monday, while Jiana and I (Gwen) were going to Wal-Mart, our car broke down. We were in the Wal-Mart parking lot turning right to find a packing space and the car just stopped dead in its tracks! It just simply would not go! It was really strange because it was running fine, just wouldn’t go. I got out to look at the car and saw that both of the front tires were pointing to the center of the car!! Of course it won’t drive like that!!! It turned out that something in the steering column broke plus the inner tie rods.  When the mechanic saw it, he told Tony we were “lucky” that we weren’t driving on the highway or it would have caused a major accident. I can easily imagine Jiana and I could have been killed. We know there was nothing “lucky” about it!!! Instead, God had it all under His control and didn’t allow it to happen until we were in a parking lot and had 2013 Road Trip 070already come to a full stop!!  And we were in a place in the parking lot where we didn’t block any cars in their parking spaces and all cars and shopping carts could still flow around us!!! We are so very grateful for God’s protective hand in our lives!! Thank you, Jesus!!!!

We’ve had a great time in Florida, visiting Tony’s aunt and seeing the sights! Now we travel on to Alabama and then Texas by the end of the week to visit Tony’s dad and the rest of his family!

Oh! There’s no place like home for the holidays!!!

We are so very happy to say that all of my (Gwen’s) medical tests have come to an end!!! Since I’m feeling well, the doctor is not going to put me on any medication for my liver disease right now.

So we are now ready to head back to the States!!! Truly, we are excited!!! It’s been about 8 months since I first started getting sick and 4 months since we had to cancel our tickets. I’m now eating a chocolate mousse tårte with berries for my birthday cake; one that I wanted for Mother’s Day but was too sick to eat!!! Sweet!!! We are all rejoicing!!! And thanking Jesus for answered prayer!!! Please rejoice with us!!!