come walk with us…

What a week this has been!!!

Monday, Gwen took the taxi, plane, bus, train and finally her feet to Stockholm for the medical test on her liver. The 3 hour test was on Tuesday and the doctor was pleased that he was able to do all that he wanted to do!! We now need to wait 3-4 weeks for the results. Wednesday, her travels took her the same way back to Luleå, with a 1.5 hour look around central Stockholm, where she used to live.

Meanwhile, back at home, Jensina and Jiana started a new school year and Tony started dismantling furniture in the apartment. Thursday and Friday found us busily packing and taking furniture apart .

Today was the big day!!! We rented a trailer and many friends came to help us move! Thank you so much, Clas, Anders & Sara, Kjell, Billy & Jackie, Claus, Jimmy and his 3 sons for giving up your Saturday to help us out! We have a saying in the States, “Many hands make light work!!” And it’s true!! Much got done in a short amount of time!! Now it’s mostly just the cleaning that needs to be done and we’ll have help for that from another friend! Thank you, Thomas! And thank you also for all of those who wanted to help but couldn’t, and for all who have been praying for us! We have felt the prayers lift us up and they keep carrying us through!

Tomorrow, we will begin living in another friend’s apartment…thank you, Majlis!

In the American Christmas movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, the main character goes through a really hard time. In the end, his friends gather around and give him the help he needs and his brother declares him to be “the richest man in town.” Well tonight, we are going to sleep feeling like the “richest family in town!!!” THANK YOU ALL!!! And especially, THANK YOU JESUS for supplying all our needs according to your riches in glory!!!

Comments on: "Thank you, we are sooooo blessed!!" (2)

  1. Carmina Gagliardi said:

    Amen! We serve an awesome God.

  2. Basha Zackavich said:

    Amen and Amen!

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