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New Update on Gwen

ImageGwen’s doctor finally called on Wednesday. He said the results from the test in Stockholm showed no malignancy and everything was fine regarding cancer in her liver (that’s a great praise!). He also said that up until a couple of days ago, the docs in Stockholm were thinking of having Gwen returning there to do the test again as a precautionary measure and to be absolutely sure there’s no cancer.

They decided against that and now she’s scheduled for tests here at our local hospital. She’ll have an MRI for her liver on Oct. 18. After that, she needs to have another ERCP (they insert a tube down her throat and go into the bile ducts) so they can take more samples to see if they find any more “abnormal” cells there again. Her first ERCP in June was where they found abnormal cells they thought might have been cancerous and that initiated all of the doctor’s concern and testing they’ve been doing. It seems like they’re being extra cautious to make sure she doesn’t have this cancer in her liver, for which we’re glad. I remember when I researched it earlier that I discovered it’s a very nasty form of cancer.

If these two tests come back okay, she’ll have to go back to a gastrointestinal specialist whom she saw back in June so she can start to be treated for the liver disease they discovered in June. If they don’t come back okay, we’ll need to see what the next steps are.

It’s confusing even for us as we’re going thru it. Anyway, this is just one more small piece of the puzzle that is now in place. It seems that each time we put another piece in the puzzle and think that it’s completed, we discover there are several more missing pieces.

A specific prayer request, besides the obvious, is that we would be home before Jiana’s birthday on Nov. 23. She REALLY wants to celebrate her birthday in the States and has been talking about it since her last birthday!

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