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Getting Settled

We’re starting to feel comfortable getting around Luleå and realizing the importance of a good transition process. We make a good team – Tony drives and Gwen navigates! Our flat is starting to come together…seems like we’re buying all the things we just put in storage or gave away in the States!

We live just a 5 minute walk from the river where we’ve discovered a couple of beaches. We’re on the 2nd floor (1st floor for Swedes) and there is a playground right outside our balcony where the kids are enjoying meeting other kids and playing. Most of our days are spent looking for things for our flat so we’re trying to plan some time for fun and exploring! Jensina and Jiana are looking forward to getting some pets so we’re also trying to figure that out.  Anyone know where to get an inexpensive puppy and kitten in Luleå???

Here’s a video of our girls as we left Newark airport. Think they were stoked???

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  1. Julile said:

    That is a great video!! Praying for your adjustment and so glad to hear you are settling well!

    • Hey Julie…thanks for the prayers! Adjustments are going better now. We just got living room and kid’s bedroom furniture delivered and now need to put them together. Girls are excited that we got them bunk beds and we’re excited we just have somewhere to sit now.

  2. Barbara Fulforth said:

    Praise the Lord…..have been thinking and praying for you dear ones for some weeks but didn’t know how to keep in contact.

    Please give my special love to Jensina. Even though I haven’t been in touch, I have thought of and prayed for her (and all of you) during this transition time.

    It seems like you’ve been trying to get to Lulea for years and now you’re there; all in God’s timing.

    May God continue to use and bless you in the ministry to which He has called you.


    • Hey there Barb…greetings from way north of you. Jensina (and all of us) thank you for your faithful prayers. It has been a long time getting here, but we know God’s timing is perfect. This is a beautiful place with beautiful people that God loves.

      You can contact us via the information on our newsletter sent earlier this week. Please email us and tell us how things are going in Bradenton – we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to send us any prayer requests so we can pray for you.

      If you get a chance, please email us a picture of yourself so we can see you as we pray.

  3. Joanna Smith said:

    Tony, Gwen, Jensina & Gianna:

    So sorry we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to you in person. Godspeed in your new life. You have been incredibly faithful! We’ll be praying for you.

    Joanna & Dean Smith

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