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Bunk Beds Built!


Finally got the bunk beds assembled – IKEA style! If you don’t know, this type of directions have no words and a few scarce pictures with arrows haphazardly pointing at seemingly unimportant areas of the diagram. They also include some rather interesting tools that usually self-destruct by the end of assembly.

The girls are already planning how the dog and cat will sleep with them in the bunks. Tony and Gwen foresee many mornings with overly tired daughters!

Comments on: "Bunk Beds Built!" (6)

  1. Jensina said:

    That was a great photo that my father took!! My cat (kitten) is going to sleep in the bunk with me!Love, Me (Jensina)

    • Brian Gring said:

      Dear Jensina & Jiana,

      Hey girls, the beds look great!!! We had bunk beds for our boys when they were younger and they loved them! Remind your dad to check all of the nuts and bolts every couple of months just to make sure they stay tight. Send more pictures soon!

      Our Love Always,
      Brian & Linda Gring

      • Hi everyone,

        How are you guys?!We adore the bunk beds!! We love them so much, that we even planed where our family pets are going to sleep with us!! Jiana is getting a dog (puppy) and I am getting a cat (kitten) when we start school!! We are really excited and proud that everything will go well, at what we are going to be doing!! We miss you all!! Say hi to everyone for us at church!!

        Jensina and Jiana

  2. Joanna Smith said:

    Dog AND cat, huh. Sounds like SOMEONE changed his mind.

    • Yea, I caved in. I mean…just look at those faces in the picture and tell me you wouldn’t also!

      Later, Tony

  3. Emily said:

    I love the bunk beds! looks like you girls like ’em too. Hope you’re all doing FANTASTIC in Sweden…I miss you but am so proud of how you’re all following Christ! Blessings and LOVE!

    Em Nelson (you know… Jamie’s twin ;-] )

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