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Archive for 2010/07/25

Getting Settled

We’re starting to feel comfortable getting around Luleå and realizing the importance of a good transition process. We make a good team – Tony drives and Gwen navigates! Our flat is starting to come together…seems like we’re buying all the things we just put in storage or gave away in the States!

We live just a 5 minute walk from the river where we’ve discovered a couple of beaches. We’re on the 2nd floor (1st floor for Swedes) and there is a playground right outside our balcony where the kids are enjoying meeting other kids and playing. Most of our days are spent looking for things for our flat so we’re trying to plan some time for fun and exploring! Jensina and Jiana are looking forward to getting some pets so we’re also trying to figure that out.  Anyone know where to get an inexpensive puppy and kitten in Luleå???

Here’s a video of our girls as we left Newark airport. Think they were stoked???