come walk with us…

We made it! Arrived here Tuesday morning on about 2 hours sleep and lots of coffee! Our sleep patterns are still whacked, but getting better. God has blessed us with a gorgeous 2nd floor apartment less than 10 minutes from the center of Luleå. 

Our balcony overlooks a courtyard with a playground that seems to draw many residents, especially during these summer months. Our neighbor below was celebrating the Swedish summer with a gathering to feast on strawberries and cream. BTW, the temp has been a “sweltering” 71 degrees F the last two days…and I’m lovin’ it!

Spent some time yesterday scoping out a street in town specifically for pedestrians with lots of shops – great place to meet people, build relationships and do ministry.

Our pastor here has been an incredible blessing as he’s taken us to buy stuff to set up our new home and had us over for dinner with his family. He’s even letting us use a van (first time driving in Sweden) to look for furniture tomorrow.

Gotta go crash – it’s now 1:30 AM. However, it’s bright enough outside that you hardly need lights – no wonder I’m not really tired! For some reason, I can’t download some videos I took – I’ll need to reinstall the program when I find the CD in the black hole of our suitcases.

Will post again soon – love you guys!

Tony (for all)

Comments on: "Can You Say “At Home in Luleå”?" (4)

  1. Sandi said:

    Hi Gwen & Tony,

    So glad you have a wonderful apartment, and all arrived safely.

    Now … on with the journey! Looking forward to reading your adventures.

    71 degress! Rats! We’re expecting 90+ for as many days as the TV can forecast!!


  2. hi there dear friends! Welcome to Sweden… great that after a loooong time of preparation you finally are here! May the Lord bless you, establish you and use you in mighty ways!
    See you some time in the future!

  3. bonnie said:

    What an answer to our prayers! Glad you made it safely. Excited to see how God is going to work thru you. Love You!

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