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Getting Settled

We’re starting to feel comfortable getting around Luleå and realizing the importance of a good transition process. We make a good team – Tony drives and Gwen navigates! Our flat is starting to come together…seems like we’re buying all the things we just put in storage or gave away in the States!

We live just a 5 minute walk from the river where we’ve discovered a couple of beaches. We’re on the 2nd floor (1st floor for Swedes) and there is a playground right outside our balcony where the kids are enjoying meeting other kids and playing. Most of our days are spent looking for things for our flat so we’re trying to plan some time for fun and exploring! Jensina and Jiana are looking forward to getting some pets so we’re also trying to figure that out.  Anyone know where to get an inexpensive puppy and kitten in Luleå???

Here’s a video of our girls as we left Newark airport. Think they were stoked???

Can You Say “At Home in Luleå”?

We made it! Arrived here Tuesday morning on about 2 hours sleep and lots of coffee! Our sleep patterns are still whacked, but getting better. God has blessed us with a gorgeous 2nd floor apartment less than 10 minutes from the center of Luleå. 

Our balcony overlooks a courtyard with a playground that seems to draw many residents, especially during these summer months. Our neighbor below was celebrating the Swedish summer with a gathering to feast on strawberries and cream. BTW, the temp has been a “sweltering” 71 degrees F the last two days…and I’m lovin’ it!

Spent some time yesterday scoping out a street in town specifically for pedestrians with lots of shops – great place to meet people, build relationships and do ministry.

Our pastor here has been an incredible blessing as he’s taken us to buy stuff to set up our new home and had us over for dinner with his family. He’s even letting us use a van (first time driving in Sweden) to look for furniture tomorrow.

Gotta go crash – it’s now 1:30 AM. However, it’s bright enough outside that you hardly need lights – no wonder I’m not really tired! For some reason, I can’t download some videos I took – I’ll need to reinstall the program when I find the CD in the black hole of our suitcases.

Will post again soon – love you guys!

Tony (for all)

No Internet Access for One Week!

Since we’re turning in our internet access equipment here tomorrow and need to hook up our internet access in Luleå,


Looking forward to posting from Luleå,

The Martins

Three Days to Go…Then We’re Outta’ Here!

We can’t believe how God’s having everything come together.

Thursday, we loaded a U-Haul and brought our items to be stored to a place provided by a great friend – thanks,  Father for meeting our needs!

Friday, the shippers came and our possessions for the next two years  began their three week voyage to Luleå.

Saturday, we return our cable and internet equipment…no internet access for about a week!

Sunday, worship with home church family for the last time for the next two years. Sure to be a day of mixed emotions.

Monday, OUTTA’ HERE!

Please continue to pray for us as we transition to our new home. Next post from the other side of the pond!

Stranger Accepts Jesus and Becomes Brother

I (Tony) saw a man looking at some furniture we had put out for trash and invited him in to see other furniture we were getting rid of. Through a simple conversation and the moving of the Spirit, he recognized his need for a Savior and prayed to accept Christ!

Thanks, Lord…doesn’t get any better to have the privilege to be used to bring someone to eternal life through Jesus! God, please be with Herman and help him to grow closer to you.

Six Days to Luleå!

At 10:30 this morning, the temperature outside here was already at 100 degrees – can’t wait to get to Luleå next week where the temp is a more-bearable 70 degrees!

Sold our van last night and still trying to make final arrangements for the house. Packing’s coming along and we should have the stuff going to Sweden picked up by end of week.

Here are some pics of our apartment in Luleå.

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Urgent Prayer Request and an Update

Our friend’s (Brian and Linda from the Lancaster area) son Charles was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident Wednesday.  The doctors have had to amputate his right leg below the knee and he will need some major surgery to save his arm. Please pray for Charles and the rest of family – Brian and Linda, along with their other children David, Brian Jr. and Debra.

Just 11 days till we leave for Luleå! We continue to pack (is there no end?) and get a bunch of other things done. Spent yesterday saying goodbye to great friends in New Jersey. I know it’s part of being a missionary, but I REALLY hate saying goodbye to people we love!

Our goal is to have stuff being shipped to Sweden to be totally packed today, then call for shippers to come. Other friends coming tonight to help pack stuff going into storage. Feel free to stop over tonight (or any other time) to help – we’re pretty overwhelmed right now! Thanks for being part of our lives!