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2010-09-04 Storforsen (2)Tony’s been having headaches for the past month and the doctors aren’t sure why. Today, he’s getting a biopsy done on an artery in his head at the hospital to check for temporal arteritis. Please pray for God’s healing and for the source to be found so it can be treated. It’s hard to do anything with pounding headaches coming and going randomly. Thanks!!

Comments on: "Pray for Tony, please" (2)

  1. Brian & Linda Gring said:

    Christ Our Savior Anglican Fellowship has you covered in prayer!!
    God’s Blessings,

    Brian & Linda Gring

  2. said:

    Hi Brother Tony, We,ll be praying for you brother.We love you and your family.I have not been communicating much with you in recent time____no excuse is good enough_____.So pardon me brother. However,let me add a little excuse.Doing business single handily is a huge task.I do have a very small help from Selena, but that,s all.I only have two men working as security,one white one black.Every thing that has to happen for the business to remain vaible is my sole responsibility 24/7.Thanks be to God He is with me in this otherwise I could,nt make it thus far. Actually we are not yet to a place that we can employ individual(s) to delegate responsibilty for day-today operation. In all of this I know my church family is praying for me and I can,t forget them even if I communicate less at this time. How is Gywen and the children? We pray you get well soon. Yours inChrist;Reuben/Selena ps/ Most time I don,t bother to look at my email,this morning I happen by chance to be looking for a reply from Wellsfargo and I read your blog that you,ve been haven head ache that would,nt go away.How are you doing now? God be with you brother.

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