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Update on Gwen

I called the doctor yesterday again because we didn’t receive the promised letter from last week. The receptionist told us the test in Stockholm came back normal (BIG PRAISE!!!), but the doctor now wants me to have another MRI. The woman we spoke to didn’t know why he wanted it, but she said she’ll schedule the MRI probably for mid-October and then we need to have a follow-up visit with him. The doctor  Gwen needs to see won’t be back in the office until next week, so the woman we spoke to can’t find out anything more until then. We explained our situation again and begged to have the MRI sooner. She said she would call them and try, but no promises. So now we wait once again for the next step.

So what is this all about? Why are we “stuck” here? What is God up to? Honestly, I don’t know.  God is blessing us incredibly, but it’s hard, sometimes discouraging, to feel “stuck” in a place instead of moving forward. But our Heavenly Father asks us to trust Him. And we are trying. We know from our past experienceS that God is faithful  and has perfect timing for everything. He has proved that. So when He asks us to trust Him for what we don’t understand, we do our best to do just that! We know that our lives are in His hands and that He has good plans for our future and success! So  we try to wait with hope and anticipation for all He will do and to encourage each other to trust and do the good things that God has placed in front of us now.

Thanks for all of your continuing prayers! We feel your prayers lifting us up and sustaining us! So please do keep praying. THANKS!!!

Comments on: "Update on Gwen" (2)

  1. Carmina said:

    Praise God that your tests came back normal. I’m sure that’s a huge relief. Praying that the MRI can be sooner, Lord willing.

  2. Martha Farina said:

    That is such good news back from the tests. We are praising God with you! We will be praying for the MRI and for this next waiting period. May He bless you with a wonderful day full of things to encourage and cheer you all.

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