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My Lost Keys

Tuesday, I lost my keys. Car, house, trash and recycle shed, bike, and all the padlock keys where we are storing out stuff.   It was a rough day. It was the day we found out we couldn’t travel back to the US on August 17th as planned. We were all pretty bummed out about that, especially Jensina & Jiana. Just before the phone call, I had been taking the trash out to our trash & recycle shed with the girls. It was the last time I remembered seeing my keys. Wednesday was when I noticed them missing. The 4 of us tore the whole house apart looking!! I was praying the whole time, “Lord, you know where they are, please show them to us.” But no keys. Tony & I went out to the trash & recycle shed and looked there. I went through the 2 bins I had thrown the trash in – NOT pleasant!! No keys! So frustrating – I knew I hadn’t dropped them! They just had to be in the apartment, but they weren’t. We kept looking in the house and in the trash and recycle bin. No keys. Bedtime – “Lord, where are those keys?” That night both Tony and I dreamed about them. I saw them covered up by something and just sticking out a little. I really felt that GOd was telling me that they were here. (especially since I don’t usually remember what I dream about.) But where??? Thursday morning – back out in the trash and recycle bin and to look in the car – no keys. I gave up looking, but kept praying. Bedtime again, but I can’t sleep. Two hours later, I’m still tossing and turning, I stretch out and feel this strange lump in the bed. What is that??? MY KEYS!!! Sure enough, under the sheets on my bed are my keys. So much had happened, I forgot I had changed the sheets on our beds that day!! “My last prayer that night – “Thank you, Lord, for showing me where my keys were!!!”