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School Closing

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Friday was the last day of school for Jensina and Jiana. Here in Sweden, they have a formal school closing with the kids from the school performing songs and the principle and a representative from the church speaking. The Montessori has their school closing at Domkyrka, which is the main Lutheran church in Luleå and it is a beautiful cathedral! Jiana sang “Vart jag mig i världen vänder” with her 4th – 6th grade class. Jensina sang “För oss alla” with her 7th grade class and had the solo part. We are so proud of them both and all the hard work they did during this school year!!!!

Now,  if you dare, here are the videos!!!! They’re not real good quality, but you’ll get an idea of what it’s like!!  Warning:  You may get seasick!!!!

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  1. Will & Denise said:

    Very nice!

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