come walk with us…

Gwen's nephews, Joshua, Jonathan, & Caleb

We wanted to pass these 2  prayer requests along for our nephew, Jonathan, and our sister-in-law’s brother, Frank. This is from Jonathan’s Caring Bridge Website.

“What a day!  Jonathan is now throwing up and lethargic.  Will open eyes but then goes back to sleep.  Not sure what is happening.  Then (or earlier), Lois’ brother, Frank, went in the hospital late last night after falling and throwing up.  He was eventually transferred from Bennington Hospital to Albany, where they are still trying to figure out what is up.  He is not very coherent at present.  So, Lois was on the phone a good bit of the night, much of today, and emotional stamina is running low.  Been there before … not easy.  What a way to conclude the year!!  But others have it worse and God is still on the throne, so keep us in your prayers as we all move forward into a new year for God’s glory!”
Thanks for your prayers. Gwen & Tony

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