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Thanks for your prayers!

Thanks for your prayers for Jonathan and Frank. Jonathan, my nephew, is home from the hospital again. He has his ups and downs and needs continual prayer. But we are relieved he is home. My sister-in-law’s brother, Frank, is still in the hospital but doing much better! He’s eating again, walking with assistance, and has his sense of humor back. Thanks so much for praying, friends!!

On the lighter side of things, who can go to the local grocery store and pet this????

Continued prayer for Jonathan needed

Lois’ brother, Frank, is doing better, but Jonathan is in St. Mary’s hospital.  His blood pressure was a bit low, he is lethargic, having problems with his bowel movements (this is a continual problem mostly due to his brain injury), and crying out in pain. Pray the doctors can sort it out without him catching any other germs in the hospital. Thanks. Gwen 🙂

Happy New Year! Sweden’s connection to the Mummers!!

Happy 2012!!!! We had a great nght celebrating and ringing in the New Year. We saw fireworks from our balcony and Chinese lanterns floating in the sky – a beautiful sight!!!

Today, we’re really having a lazy day watching movies and The Mummer’s Day Parade in Philadelphia. I  (Gwen) went there many times with my dad, who passed along his love of the string bands! Now, Tony finds it for me on-line!  Did you know this tradition dates  back to early Egypt, pagen Rome and Greece? And the Swedes actually brought it to Philly!! “In the 1600s, Swedish settlers to Philadelphia’s outskirts honored Christmas by beseeching their neighbors for dessert and liquor by dressing up, chanting and shooting firearms.”