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The girls have now finished with school for the year!!! YEAH!!! They had a  month at the Montessori school and the last 2 weeks were composed of lots of field trips, outings, and playtime in the classroom! Lots of fun for everyone!!! They close the school year here by having a closing program called Avslutning. The Montessori school had their Avslutning at Domkyrkan, the Lutheran Cathedral in Luleå.  it was basically a concert put on by the kids, with the pastor of the church and the principal of the school speaking for a few minutes in between songs. “Angel” was preformed by Jiana’s class.  Jensina had a little duet during her class’s song, “Summer Nights” (of course, I missed getting the duet on film). So proud of them both!!

Later while we walked around town for some ice cream, we saw the gymnasium (high school) graduates beginning their celebration. It was really fun to watch and try to figure out their traditions!

Overall, the girls both had a great school year! I was putting their portfolios together last night and I couldn’t believe how much stuff they had!! In addition, English and math was done at home with me. So it has been a really intense school year! We’re all ready for a well-earned summer break!!!! The last 2 weeks, I (Gwen) was also studying in the Swedish for Immigrants course. Tonight, we have our last house group meeting for this year where we will be interceding for the Luleå University students. Tony finishes his Swedish studies at the end of June. So, we’re starting to plan for some vacation in July, hopefully getting away for a week and then just relaxing here at home. We hope you all have a great summer, too!!

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