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The Cone of Shame

Our cat Misty got a minor abscess requiring a trip to the vet. The doc treated her and when he came out, she had the “cone of shame” on her – if you’ve seen the movie Up, you understand! Jiana thought it was such a hoot and couldn’t stop laughing out loud. Here’s a short video of Misty trying to get it off – she was soooooooo ticked!

Vacation in Norway

Ever since I lived in Sweden back in the 80’s, I (Gwen) have wanted to visit the Norwegian Fjords. Last week, that dream came true. Friends of ours invited us to join them on their vacation to his mom’s childhood home in Foldvik in the Norwegian Fjords! We had such a wonderful time and the fjords are as beautiful as I’d heard!! It was so relaxing, the scenery was breathtaking (the photos don’t do it justice!), and everyone had a fantastically good time!! In the words of the kids, “It was the best vacation ever!!!” The fjords were formed when the glaciers retreated and the sea flooded the valleys after the ice age. The climate is mild because of the Gulf Stream. It actaully got up to 31 C (88 F).  The soil is fertile with an abundance of flora, making it look a little like Scotland. Various birds, fish, mountains and waterfalls make this a beautiful place! It’s nature at it’s best!!! We had a great time fishing, going to the Polar Zoo that specialized in polar animals, traveled to the top of a mountain, visited the Red Cross Museum commemorating the Norwegian struggle during World War 2 (there’s lots of iron ore mined in Kiruna in northern Sweden and shipped to Narvik in northern Norway that Germany needed to build ships so they occupied the area during World War  2), and we had a great time relaxing with our friends!!! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here they are!!

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