come walk with us…

Well, one going-to-be huge dog wasn’t enough!!! LOL!! The girls have always wanted a dog and a cat. Guess what? Last weekend, Jensina found a  little kitty that was being given away for free!! After a few days, we decided we would try it! The catch is introducing the dog and cat!! Fortunately, this week the girls have off school for the Easter holiday so they are a great help! Misty is a 12 week old, adorable, gray kitten. I think we’ve all fallen in love with her, except for Frigg!! In the beginning, every time Misty saw Frigg, she would hiss and spit and put out her claws!! Frigg would try to get close enough to sniff her and bark like crazy!! Today, he picked up her cage and tried to walk away with her! It’s been comical! Of course, in order to keep Misty, we have to get Frigg and Misty to tolerate each other. They are doing better, but aren’t quite there yet!!! Enjoy the pictures!!!

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Comments on: "And then they were 6!!!" (2)

  1. Will & Denise said:

    Everyone looks so happy…….

  2. Barbara Fulforth said:

    Precious pix….kitten is so tiny compared to the girls who have grown like weeds since I last saw them. I’m going to be cat sitting for a 3-year old, never outside and as friendly as can be. His “parents” live here in the village and headed north for a few weeks in May/June. I’m happier than an expectant mother…..I love cats and look forward to tlhis time. Probably won’t want to give him back when they return!


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