come walk with us…

Northern Sweden has a unique season that they call spring-winter! It’s when there is still LOTS and LOTS of snow, but yet the sun shines bright and warm! During this season, it’s very popular to walk out on the ice road and have a nice bar-b-que. We didn’t want to miss this experience so we arranged for our small group to do this. It was soooooo fun!! Our group gathered our supplies – wood, lighting fluid, hot dogs, rolls, vegetables, chips, soda, etc. and started our walk of about a half hour. It was a very slushy walk as the snow and ice is beginning to melt from the warm sun.  Once we arrived, we could see that it is definitely spring as the grill was standing in about 10 cm (4 inches) of water. We had such a great time of relaxing fun. I hope you enjoy the slideshow!

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Comments on: "Bar-B-Q Luleå style" (5)

  1. Will & Denise said:

    Thanks for the post/pictures. We are 85 degrees this week in shorts and tee shirts! Thinking about you all and praying for your ministry!

    • Okay, it’s probably un-Christian to be jealous, so I won’t say anything. Thanks for your prayers – they mean so much to us!

  2. ingrid Cheng said:

    just like what those crazy Minnesotans would do. love it! didn’t see any hot chocolates though. =)

    • Nah…hot chocolate is for sissys. We drank cold soda! It was actually close to 40F, so it wasn’t that cold.Thanks for checking in – give our love to all the Nor’easters. Maybe we can Skype during one of your gatherings?

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