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Follow-up on Tony’s Dad

Thanks to all of you who prayed for Tony’s Dad. Dad was actually released from the hospital the same day he went in. He had some kind of nasty stomach bug and needed to be re-hydrated. I’ve talked with him several times since he’s been home and he’s re-gaining strength and seems okay, although he’s sometimes confused.

He has decided to go on hospice for his emphysema, which means he will continue with his breathing meds to make him comfortable, but he won’t receive any extraordinary treatments for the disease. As of now, we’re planning a long trip to see family and supporters from late March into April where we’ll drive south to Florida, west to Texas, north to Missouri, east to Ohio and eventually back to Pennsylvania, We’ll get to visit Dad in Fort Worth, TX sometime in April. Of course if his condition worsens, we’ll go there sooner. Please pray for Dad’s comfort and wisdom for us as we plan this trip.

If we’ll be passing you on this trip, let us know…we would love to see you and share about our ministry! We are forever humbled and grateful to those who love us and are part of our ministry!

Trip Map for blog