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First Month (4)Today, we were supposed to leave to return home to Luleå, Sweden. Unfortunately, we needed to change our tickets as our financial support is not at 100% yet. Hopefully it will be soon and we’ll be able to return!! We are around 58% of the $4000 that we need now, so we know it’s just a matter of time. Please continue to pray with us for God to release the needed support! Thanks!! We’d love to be back there this year!!

Seven years ago today our nephew, Jonathan, had a heart attack that left him severely handicapped. We never, ever saw this coming. Never dreamed that when we kissed Jonathan and Caleb good-bye for college that year, that it would be the last time he would be able to talk to us. But it was…for now. We continue to pray for God to heal your brain, Jonathan. But we’re so glad for every smile, every eye blink that tells us that you hear and understand us. One day, we will hear your voice again, whether here on earth or in heaven, we just don’t know yet. We’re so glad that you know God and we know that He is carrying you through this time of your life. Sure wish you could tell us how God is working with you in your spirit. I can’t even begin to imagine the spiritual truths God is teaching you! Love you, dear nephew!!

Gwen's nephews, Joshua, Jonathan, & Caleb

Gwen’s nephews, Joshua, Jonathan, & Caleb

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  1. Praying! Also in 3 years, when Cass graduates college, we will take you on big time in support!! I have to believe we are following Gods heeding right now too invest EVERYTHING (except our support of local church and Charles, our African adoptee) but presently our hearts and prayers are with you.
    Until we can again offer financial support PLEASE let us help keep you in the forefront of our churches minds….tell me what to do to help others remember you while you are away!!


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