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JDPlease continue your prayers for my nephew, Jonathan (also called JD). He’s in the hospital with a very serious infection. He has a medicine pump in his body for baclofen that keeps his limbs more mobile. This is the second time, in a month, that site has become infected. Now the infection is in his blood. That’s really very serious, especially for him in his condition.

This is from his mom. “The infectious disease doctor came in today. Told me his blood culture came back positive for infection, MERSA. She said it is serious, but she tried to encourage me by saying he is in good hands. She said the sooner they can take the pump out the better. She added what I believe is a probiotic, although she said there isn’t convincing evidence that will prevent CDif. I told her anything that might prevent it was worth a try. Good grief he has enough to deal with.

I came home and Gary stayed with him for a few hours. When he left JD had another 102 temp. He is sleeping often, with intermittent cries of discomfort or pain. What is causing the pain is a guessing game for all of us. We go through our mental check list with him.  Called in tonight and his temp had come down some. She said at present he is content.

I am not going to sugar coat it, I am worried. He is a sick boy right now. Thank you all for your prayers. Pray for wisdom for all the staff. We appreciate all of them doing their jobs and their caring ways. There are some disagreements between them so they need wisdom to do what is best for JD over all.

After almost 7 years of this, I am still amazed at how fast things can turn around. He was doing so well and the pump was really doing its job yet now it has to come out and we start over. Discouragement, frustration and even fear are right there to be had for the taking. Trying to focus on the positive and trust God for his grace and healing. Thank you for your prayers for both Jonathan, his medical caregivers and for us. Good night and Love from the Taylors”

If you want more information, you can go to Jonathan’s website at

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