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Thankful for God’s protection!

Monday, while Jiana and I (Gwen) were going to Wal-Mart, our car broke down. We were in the Wal-Mart parking lot turning right to find a packing space and the car just stopped dead in its tracks! It just simply would not go! It was really strange because it was running fine, just wouldn’t go. I got out to look at the car and saw that both of the front tires were pointing to the center of the car!! Of course it won’t drive like that!!! It turned out that something in the steering column broke plus the inner tie rods.  When the mechanic saw it, he told Tony we were “lucky” that we weren’t driving on the highway or it would have caused a major accident. I can easily imagine Jiana and I could have been killed. We know there was nothing “lucky” about it!!! Instead, God had it all under His control and didn’t allow it to happen until we were in a parking lot and had 2013 Road Trip 070already come to a full stop!!  And we were in a place in the parking lot where we didn’t block any cars in their parking spaces and all cars and shopping carts could still flow around us!!! We are so very grateful for God’s protective hand in our lives!! Thank you, Jesus!!!!

We’ve had a great time in Florida, visiting Tony’s aunt and seeing the sights! Now we travel on to Alabama and then Texas by the end of the week to visit Tony’s dad and the rest of his family!