come walk with us…

Well, we are about to begin our trip!! Super excited!!! That is after the packing is done!! LOL! Looking forward to all of our visits with family and friends!! Tony leaves for the Center of Intercultural Training where he’ll be doing a school on church planting. Then the girls and I will join him later in the week and begin our travels!

Please keep us in prayer for safety on the road for the next 4-6 weeks, Gwen and the girls as we continue home schooling on the road, and also for Tony’s dad to stay as healthy as he can so we can have a good visit with him. Pray for fruitful visits as we go and for the opportunity to meet and share with new people who will be interested in our mission in Sweden.

As always now, raising our financial support is very much on our minds and in our prayers. Please keep praying that our support increases and we’re able to return by the new school year for the girls in mid-August. Thanks!

Comments on: "On the road again!" (2)

  1. Carmina said:

    I’m praying for you guys. I’ll miss you all. All my love.

  2. Lisa Spady said:

    yay!!! not in time for Jensina’s bday but definitely in time for spring!! 🙂

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