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Test results for Gwen

We have received the last test results from our doctor and it showed no  malignant cells!!!! YEAH!!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Jesus!!!

So now the next step, and hopefully the last step, before we can travel to the US is to see the gastrointestinal doctor (medicinläkare) to begin treatment for the liver disease. Please pray that we have contact with him soon. We don’t want to just wait because of our plans to be back in the States at this time.  But it’s not always easy to get quick visits when it’s not a medical emergency.  Even though things haven’t always happened when we planned, we believe that through prayer, God has greatly helped in our endeavors to move this process along as quick as possible. So please pray that God will help us get in contact with this doctor quickly.

At this point, it doesn’t seem that we will be able to get to the US before Jiana’s birthday on Nov. 23. If you would, pray for her and that she has a wonderful birthday here. She has been so looking forward to having this birthday in the States and celebrating it with my (Gwen’s) brother’s family and doing things that we can do in the States since her last birthday. Of course, since August, when we had to cancel our tickets, she has known this might not be possible. But now it is becoming a sad reality… Pray for her to be pleasantly surprised and that she’ll feel that God really does see her and care for her. And pray for her mom and dad to be able to pleasantly surprise her, too!!!! Thanks so much!!