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On the mend!

Dr. Martin???      Yesterday, I was released from the hospital!! YEAH!!!! The doctor decided that it was a nasty intestinal virus that had attached me. It certainly was nasty!! Here’s how Tony had to dress in order to visit me!! He makes a quite handsome doctor, I think!!! So now I am home, but I am quarantined to my bedroom so the rest of the family doesn’t catch it. We really don’t want that!! The nausea has cleared up and my stomach is gurgling nicely. Now we’re just working on getting the food processing through my system again. It is truly such a pleasure to be nausea-free!!!! I really mean that!! When we are sure the virus is gone, I will need to go to the hospital and get a sigmoidoscope to make sure all is ok with the scar tissue from my previous surgery and that the Crohn’s disease hasn’t returned.

     We are so blessed as, once again, God has been amazingly faithful to us!! Thank you Heavenly Father for:

  • Our wonderful friends, Anders and Sarah, have been amazing through all of this – taking care of the girls, driving Tony back and forth to the hospital (even being brave enough to bring me home with all my germs!! LOL), providing food, comfort, prayer… THANK YOU!!
  • All of you, our friends who have prayed for us! THANK YOU!!
  • The Swedish medical system that had taken such good care of us!

We have 3 prayer requests also:

  • Just now, Tony told me he has started to feel ill again, so please especially pray for him!
  • God will protect Jensina & Jiana from catching this nasty bug.
  • The results of the sigmoidoscope. Our trust is in the Lord, but it’s still hard not be concerned. We hope for good results, but mostly that we will be trustingly peaceful with whatever God has planned for us.

Thanks, Gwen 🙂

Comments on: "On the mend!" (4)

  1. Joanna Smith said:

    Sounds like you had the Norovirus, which was making the rounds of schools, colleges and senior facilities in the Philadelphia area during February and March. Ours had several floors under quarantine. I had it once. Hoped I was going to die, but knew I wouldn’t get that lucky. Glad to hear that you are recovered. Here’s praying that Tony and the rest of the family are illness free.

    • Hi Joanna,
      Thanks for checking in. I think you’re right about having Norovirus. Here in Sweden, they have a much more descriptive name for it – “Winter Vomiting Disease.” Gwen seems to be improving; however, I just started round two of it yesterday (round one was last week). So now Gwen is quarantined to our bedroom and I’m quarantined to the sofa-bed in our office – and it’s party time for the girls! Hopefully, we’ll get over it soon. Hope you guys are well. Have a blessed Easter!

  2. Jennifer Taylor said:

    So glad you’re doing better and they took care of you well!! Miss you

  3. Will & Denise said:

    So glad you are doing better!

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