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Our cat Misty got a minor abscess requiring a trip to the vet. The doc treated her and when he came out, she had the “cone of shame” on her – if you’ve seen the movie Up, you understand! Jiana thought it was such a hoot and couldn’t stop laughing out loud. Here’s a short video of Misty trying to get it off – she was soooooooo ticked!

Comments on: "The Cone of Shame" (3)

  1. Great video of your cat. I hope you are all doing well. We are just back to school here and he weather is turning fall like (rain, rain, heavy rain, etc.)


  2. Jensina Martin said:

    Misty!!!! The world knows you have the ” the cone of shame” on already!!!! Soon, you have that stupid thing off and than will you be satisfyed????:) It’s been a late winter for us here!!!!
    HELOOOOOOOO!!!!! I really hate the weather forcast!!!! I’m so mad right now!!!!!!! Jensina

  3. Jensina Martin said:

    I was hopeing that we would have the best winter ever!!!!!:) Clearly, not so much!!!!

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