come walk with us…

Our days are getting progressively shorter…and very rapidly! Check out the chart below from By December 1, we’re only getting a little over 4 hours of daylight!

Date Sunrise Sunset Length Change
Today 05:07 19:53 14:46  
+1 day 05:11 19:50 14:39 00:07 shorter
+1 week 05:29 19:27 13:58 00:48 shorter
+2 weeks 05:51 19:00 13:09 01:37 shorter
+1 month 06:41 18:00 11:19 03:27 shorter
+2 months 07:19 15:09 7:50 06:56 shorter
+3 months 09:07 13:32 4:25 10:21 shorter
+6 months 06:41 16:48 10:07 04:39 shorter

Please continue to pray for our ministry as we bring the never-darkening True Light that is brighter than the sun!

Comments on: "No More Sun Tans!" (2)

  1. Joanna Smith said:

    Wow! The sun sets at 1 o’clock in the afternoon! That is hard to imagine.

    • Hi Joanna,
      Thanks for checking in! Yea it is hard to believe, but we’re losing 7 minutes of daylight PER DAY! When we got here in early July, the sun went down around 2am and rose about an hour later. Now it’s getting really dark around 8pm and the temp is only peaking up to the low 50s.
      These changes really affect other things also – people are already starting to stay inside most of the time and secluding themselves. I can see how it will be hard to develop relationships at this time of year. We’re praying for ways to draw people out.

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