come walk with us…

Packing is the story of our lives right now. I look around and wonder will we really be ready by July 12? It’s hard to believe that in 2 weeks all this will be done and we’ll be on a jet plane bound for Luleå! We’ll all be rejoicing that day!!!! If anyone feels bored at home, feel free to come and help pack!!! There are so many other odds and ends to accomplish before we leave, too. They don’t seem like much, but each one takes time. So do keep us in your prayer — for patience, wisdom, energy, perseverance, & peace! Thanks!!

We’re having special fun times too – doing some fun things as a family and spending special times with friends, sometimes face to face and other times on the phone! This week the kids will be going to an Oceanography class at our local library. They have been so bored with mommy being so occupied. They’re old enough to need something more to do but not quite old enough to help pack. I try to take an hour break each day and take them to the pool and I’m hoping this short course will help with their boredom. Just DON’T call it school!!!

Tomorrow morning or I guess it’s actually this morning; we go to church to worship our amazing God! I am so looking forward to that refreshment to help refocus on what’s really important!!! Have a blessed day as you worship Jesus too!!!!

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