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We have an urgent request to make. Our family is in need of a vehicle (car or mini-van) to use during the time we’ll be in the States raising financial support. We’ll need the vehicle for about 6-12 months to visit and thank current partners, to meet potential partners and to share about our ministry in Sweden. If you can help us (or if you know someone who can), please email us ( as soon as you can. We apologize for the last minute request – we thought we had a mini-van that we could use, but we just found out that is no longer available. We’ve seen God do incredible things in our lives recently, and we’re looking forward to see how God will surprise us with His answer to this request.

We have our flights booked and we arrive in the States on December 8! We are so excited! We don’t have cell phone numbers yet, but you can always contact us via email (