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Swedish-Finnish Day in Philly!!

Last Saturday was Swedish-Finnish Day at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia. This year, they are celebrating the Swedish and Finnish settlers landing here 375 years ago and founding the colony of New Sweden, which is now Wilmington, Delaware. (King Carl and Queen Silvia were even here a few weeks ago for the celebration!!)A replica of the Kalmar Nyclel ship ( was there; that’s the ship the first Swedes and Finns came to the New World on. Personally, I wouldn’t have wanted to be one of them!! 24 crew members and 125 passengers – that means standing room only on the top deck for the 4 month trip!! SOOOOOOO glad for planes!!!! Besides the ship, there were lots of Swedish & Finnish merchants plus Swedish and Finnish music! A national Finnish group, a woman who studied opera in Stockholm and had ancestors that came over on the Karmar Nyckel, and a group imitating ABBA! What fun!! The only thing missing was some good Swedish fika!! I don’t know how that detail could have escaped the creators of the day, but…. it did!! Here’s some of our pictures!!

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