come walk with us…

Who ever said  arctic climates don’t serve a purpose? Facebook just announced they’re building a new data center right here in our home town.  Click here to read about this massive project being built about 10 minutes from our apartment.

We’re also reading that folks in the Philly are getting snow today (Saturday), They’re not supposed to get the white stuff before us…what’s up with that? SO JEALOUS!

Comments on: "Facebook comes to Luleå!" (2)

  1. Will & Denise said:

    Let Philly have the snow………we don’t want it in Alabama 🙂

  2. Joanna Smith said:

    Went out in the snowstorm Saturday in Philadelphia and forgot to dress for the weather…had been in the 60s the day before!

    It was actually very beautiful Sunday morning. Crisp, clear blue skies with trees in full autumnal splendor in contrast to the pure white blanket on the ground. I’ve never seen anything like it. Praise God for His creativity!


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