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Ice Road

Happy 2011 to you all!!!!

New Year’s Eve, we drove to Hindersön Island, with a population of around 150,  in Luleå’s Archipeago. The exciting part was that we drove on the ice!! Yes, we took one  of Luleå’s ice roads. It was truly amazing to think that we were actually driving on the Baltic Sea!!! This year, the ice road was open earlier than usual because it has been colder than usual here. It’s about the size of a 4 lane highway and plowed down to a few inches of snow to help with traction. Pictures speak louder than words so please enjoy our slide show!!

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Ringing in the new year at midnight, found us in Luleå Centrum, watching fireworks shot off on the ice. What a fun day we had!!!

 Blessings, Gwen 🙂

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  1. Carmina said:

    Very cool, Gwen. Literally.

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