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Santa Lucia Day

Happy Santa Lucia Day!!! This is a very important Swedish holiday. Even though the kids don’t get off from school, it is celebrated a fun way. Here are some pictures from Domkyrkan (Luleå Cathedral) where I went today to see the Lucia celebration. Jensina and Jiana were also there with their classes. It reminded me of going to the American Swedish Museum in Philly for the Lucia celebration in the US! Unfortunately, the celebration in Sweden today doesn’t have any real Christian aspects. If you would ask a Swede about it, they would probably tell you it is a celebration of light. It represents the longest night of the year and from here on out, the days keep getting longer until Mid-Summer’s Day in June. They know very little about Lucia or her love for God. Join with us in praying that the true Light of the world will become known here in Sweden for who He really is, their Savior and the Lover of their souls! Hope you enjoy the pictures. Gwen 🙂

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