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It’s been tooooooo long!

Busy with dishes!!!

It has been a long time since we’ve blogged here. Life gets busy sometimes!!! We’ve had a couple of little snowfalls and now we have another. It is so beautiful!!! We are much more settled in now. Tony has started his Swedish for Immigrants class and is studying numbers and telling time. Telling time is mostly the same except for the half hours. To say 2:3o in Swedish, you would say half 3 instead of half past 2. They also have 5 before half 3 for 2:25 and 5 after half 3 for 2:35. So that is something new for us to learn!!

The girls are enjoying school for the most part and are just finishing a week off for fall vacation!  They’ve also started going to a weekly kids’ club at a local church. Please  pray that they begin understanding more Swedish so they feel  like they fit in. Thanks.

This weekend, we had 2 special events in Luleå. The Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden visited Teknikens Huset, a kids’ science museum at the University of Luleå.

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We also attended Luleå Expo, an art and craft exhibit from the Norrbotten area of Northern Sweden. We saw many great arts and crafts,  including a fun magic show! I met one young woman who is a glass blower. Hopefully, we can get to that shop sometime to see them make and blow the glass. There was another woman from further north who has about 50 sled dogs and uses them for the tourists in the winter. It was fun to learn about her huskies and see the glass paintings of her dogs that she does during the summer months. There was also lots of knitting, homemade breads, meats (some made of reindeer and moose), candles, and much more!!.  They also had a special display of the Norrbotten Medieval times. It’s been a fun-filled weekend!!!

Jiana, John the magician, & Jensina

Next week, Tony goes to the beautiful city of Budapest for a planning conference with United World Mission.  Please keep him in prayer as he travels and works on plans for the next year. And for me as I stay home 😦 with the children. Thank you! God bless you all!!! Gwen 🙂