come walk with us…

Thanks for checking us out! On this blog, you’ll be able to track our journey as we head to Luleå, Sweden as missionaries to help Swedes start new churches.

Comments on: "New Blog for the Martins!" (2)

  1. Keith said:

    Hey guys.
    You have been on a long and windy journey that’s taken you to many places, over some real high points and through some fairly deep lows. Each step along the way, God has been right there with you. But this is only the first step of an even longer road.

    It’s been a privilege to pray with you through this part of your walk with the Lord. I’ll continue to be a prayer partner in the future as well.

    May God bless you and lead you always.


    • Not sure, but is this is the Keith we knew in Upper Darby? If it is, I have a gmail address for you – should I change it?


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